Installation and use of the Smarty+ dongle
Smarty+ application
Smarty+ dongle
Smarty+ dongle connection -> P1 encryption key
Smarty+ dongle connection > WiFi
Smarty+ dongle connection> Application
Smarty+ in general
Use of the Smarty+ application

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What is Smarty+?

What are the benefits of Smarty+? / What does Smarty+ do for me?

Do I have to change my energy supplier to use Smarty+?

How do I know if Smarty+ is compatible with my home / my electricity meter?

What technology does Smarty+ use?

Where can I buy Smarty+ and how much does it cost?

What are the dimensions of the dongle?

My dongle doesn’t seem to be working, what should I do?

I no longer wish to use the dongle, what should I do?

How do I setup my Smarty+ dongle and who will install it? Does the installation require a professional? How long does it take?

How does the activation of Smarty+ work?

Does the Smarty+ dongle need to be connected to an electrical outlet?

How does the Smarty+ dongle receive information from my Smarty meter?

Access to my Smarty meter is difficult. I can’t connect my Smarty+ dongle. What can I do?

Can I turn my Smarty+ dongle on and off as I wish?

Can I reset my Smarty+ dongle?

I am changing my address. Will I be able to connect my current Smarty+ dongle in my new home?

How can my Smarty+ dongle be updated?

What do the different intervals and colours with which the LED flashes mean?

Where can I get the Smarty+ app and how much does it cost?

I can’t download the Smarty+ application. What should I do?

How do I start using the Smarty+ dongle?

How is my Smarty+ account created?

How do I connect the Smarty+ dongle with my application?

How is the data from my Smarty+ dongle transmitted to my application? Does my phone have to be on the same network as the dongle to receive my data?

If there is a power outage, will Smarty+ continue to work?

If there is a WiFi outage, will Smarty+ still work?

Will my Smarty+ dongle work with applications other than Smarty+?

How can I add an additional Smarty+ dongle to my account?

Can I connect my Smarty+ dongle to my router via an Ethernet cable?

Do I have to pay attention to a correct configuration of my router when connecting the Smarty+ dongle? Can I use a WiFi repeater to connect my Smarty+ dongle?

Can I connect my Smarty+ dongle to a free WiFi network?

My Smarty meter is installed in a room that does not receive a WiFi signal.

I have a new router. How do I reconnect my Smarty+ dongle to it?

Is my Smarty+ dongle sensitive to computer viruses because it is connected to the internet?

How can I access the encryption key for the P1 port of my Smarty meter?

How does the encryption key work? How do I use the encryption/encryption key?

Why does my Smarty+ application ask me to re-enter the P1 key?

How do I delete my account?

Can I share my Smarty+ account with other people?

Can I export my data for printing and/or viewing on my computer?

Is the Smarty+ application available in different languages?

I have lost my smartphone containing the Smarty+ application. What can I do?

I have changed my smartphone. Can I re-install the application?

What data does Smarty+ collect?

What are OBIS codes?

In what intervals is the data sent to the cloud and for how long will it be stored there?

Why does the cloud operator need my data? What will the cloud operator do with my data?

Who else other than the operator will have access to my data?

How and with whom can I share my data? How can I subscribe to a service?

What will my electricity network operator (DSO) do with my data, if I choose to share it with them?

Can I refuse to share my data? What happens if I refuse to share my data?

Where is the data collected by Smarty+ stored?

How is the security of my information guaranteed?

If I want to stop the Smarty+ service, will my data be retained?

Where can I access all the information collected by Smarty+?

How to delete all data collected by Smarty+?

How can I access my gas and water data in the Smarty+ App?

I interrupted the activation process, how can I continue the activation of my dongle?

Can I display all my Smarty electricity meters through one Smarty+ dongle in the Smarty+ app?

What should I do if Smarty+ stops flashing?

What can I do when the application displays “No Data available”?

How do I correctly insert a P1 dongle into Smarty+?

What do I do if I experience an application, graphical or functionality error?

Why are there gaps on my charts?

What should I do if I find that my dongle is associated with a different account?