Request your P1 encryption key

Your Smarty+ dongle is connected to the P1 port of your Smarty meter. The information available from this port and displayed in your app is encrypted so that not everyone can access your data without authorisation. During the activation process, the Smarty+ app will ask you to enter this P1 key so that your Smarty+ dongle can decrypt the information.

To receive the encryption key for the P1 port of your Smarty meter, please contact your distribution system operator at the corresponding e-mail address, indicating your name, address and the serial number of your meter (number that starts with SAG and consists of 13 digits, which can be found on the face of your Smarty meter).

Be aware that only the person on whom the meter is registered, has the right to ask for this information!

You can copy the following text and fill in in the missing information to send it as an e-mail to one of the addresses below:


Could you please provide me with the P1 key for my Smarty meter?
Name, first name

Kind regards,
Name, first name

Depending on your place of residence, you are located in one of these five network areas. Please select the correct address for your enquiry.

Creos :
Sudstroum :
Electris :
Ville de Diekirch :
Ville d’Ettelbruck :

Display of consumption data for gas and water

If your gas and water meters are intelligent and connected to the Smarty meter, these readings can also be displayed in the Smarty+ app. You simply need to contact the responsible network operator to activate the communication of these meters through the P1 port, indicating your name, your address and the serial number (SAGXXXXXXXXXXXX) of your electricity meter and your gas meter (ELSXXXXXXXXXXXX or FLOXXXXXXXXXXXX) or water meter.

As a gas customer, you are either connected to the Creos network (, to the network of the town of Dudelange (, or to the network of Sudenergie (formerly Sudgaz) (

Your municipality is responsible for the water supply. Some examples of municipalities that have already installed a smart water meter and connected it to the Smarty are the municipalities of Dudelange (, Diekirch ( and Ettelbruck ( Contact the responsible persons in your municipality to find out if a smart water meter has already been installed and activate its communication!

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