Additional services

If you choose to allow Smarty+ to share some of your energy data, you will be able to access additional services that will help you to actively contribute to the energy transition.

Coming soon

Integrate Smarty+ into your Smart Home

Smarty+ will be compatible with most smart home systems for a better control of your connected devices.

Track your photovoltaic production

By adapting your energy consumption to the time of production of your photovoltaic installation*, you’ll use your self-produced energy more efficiently and participate actively in the success of the energy transition.

* Service requiring the intervention of a service provider.

Identify consumption anomalies

With your Smarty+ application, you can easily detect abnormal consumption and faults in your photovoltaic installation.

Control your appliances remotely

In order to minimise your daily consumption peaks and your impact on the electricity network, Smarty+ allows you to remotely control* your devices with flexible consumption, such as your heat pump, your washing machine or the charging of your electric car.

*Service requiring the intervention of a service provider.

Benefit from variable tariffs

Depending on the time or the peak of your consumption, Smarty+ allows you to benefit from variable rates*/**.

*Service requiring the intervention of a service provider.

** Variable rates not yet in force