The following information are available for each Smarty electricity meter with a connected dongle. A single dongle can only monitor one smart meter.

Note that a good WiFi connection is needed to communicate the data.


Values for power and energy drawn from the grid are always indicated as positive values.

  • 1

    Instantaneous power drawn from the electricity grid

    This value is updated every 10 seconds and displayed in kW.

  • 2

    Electricity consumption during the past hour

    This value is also updated every ten seconds, with detailed information available for each minute. The measured energy for the past hour is displayed in Wh, the medium power drawn from the grid each minute in W.

  • 3

    Load profiles

    The total daily electricity consumption is monitored in kWh. You can read the consumption per hour in kWh by sliding through the diagram. It is also possible to move back in time to look up the energy consumption for previous dates.

    The highest peak value for the last hour and day is displayed in the respective graphs.

    Similar to the daily load profile, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics are available and can be compared.

  • 4

    Electricity index

    The electricity consumption index shows the entirety of the energy consumption measured by your smart meter. This value can be found by selecting a specific dongle under Settings > My Smarty+ dongles.

    Be aware that you may not be the first owner of your Smarty electricity meter and that this value cannot be reset to 0 when the ownership of the meter changes. However, this value can be used to follow electricity consumption over a longer time interval, by noting the indexes on specific dates and calculating the differences.

Smarty+ offers many features!


The StroumMonitor indicates the hours of national peak consumption and will guide you to reduce your impact on the electricity grid during times of limited capacity.

You can configure push notifications to be notified about peaks in the national electricity consumption.