Connect to the energy transition with Smarty+

Discover how Smarty+ optimises your energy consumption and helps you save money!


  • Convenient

    Smarty+ is simply a dongle to be connected to your Smarty meter and an application to be downloaded to your smartphone. No professional intervention required!

  • Easy

    Download the Smarty+ application on your smartphone, follow the activation steps and consult your energy data, it’s as easy as that!

  • Secure

    Your data and communications between the dongle and your application are encrypted and fully secure.

  • Loads of benefits

    Follow your consumption in real time, make savings, participate in the energy transition… and much more!

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Your energy dashboard in your pocket

With the Smarty+ application, you can track your energy consumption and production in real time, wherever and whenever you like – whether electricity, gas, water or even district heating, measured by smart meters connected to your Smarty electricity meter.

Save money

Thanks to your consumption data available in real time on your application, you can monitor your consumption, detect any anomalies and make savings.

Do you have a photovoltaic installation? Optimise your consumption by adjusting it to the time of production and thus reduce your environmental footprint.

Take part in the energy transition

By agreeing to share your data with your distribution system operator (see list of Luxembourgish DSOs), you actively contribute to the success of the energy transition by providing valuable information that allows a better analysis of the usage of electricity networks.

Local access to your energy data

Local access to your decrypted energy data from your Smarty meter through the port P1 on the Smarty+ dongle.

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Connect your Smarty+ in just a few seconds

To activate your Smarty+ dongle, be sure to have your WiFi password and your P1 encryption key of your Smarty electricity meter ready.

After connecting your dongle to the P1 port of your Smarty meter, follow the instructions in the Smarty+ application to activate its communication. As soon as the communication is established, the dongle decrypts the data collected by the Smarty meter and sends it to your smartphone.

Additional ports on the back of the dongle (P1-Out and Digital Out) will also allow you in the future to access your decrypted energy data locally and to control and connect other devices.

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Real-time consumption and production data

Once your dongle is connected to the Smarty+ app, you can view from your smartphone the instantaneous power (kW) updated every 10 seconds, your consumption during the last hour (Wh) with details per minute as well as your daily consumption (details for each hour (kWh)).

The same information will be available for your renewable energy production, allowing you to overlay it with your consumption.

In addition, your gas, water, and heat consumption data will be available in 15-minute intervals if your meters are smart and connected to the Smarty electricity meter.

Instantaneous power in kW

Consumption (as well as production and injection into the grid if you have solar panels) during the last hour in Wh

Daily consumption and production in kWh

Priority to the security of your data

The data of the Smarty meters (displayed via an OBIS classification) are protected by an encryption key, which must be entered during the activation process to allow the Smarty+ dongle to read them correctly. This encryption key is available upon request from your distribution network operator.

The communication between the Smarty+ dongle, the cloud and your mobile application as well as the protection of your data in the cloud are subject to the most modern security standards, allowing only those persons and companies to whom you have explicitly given your consent, to have access to the specified data.